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ISSN : 1226-0088(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7253(Online)
Membrane Journal Vol.24 No.2 pp.123-135

관형 세라믹 정밀여과와 광촉매 첨가 PES 구의 혼성수처리에서
pH 및 포화산소, 역세척 매체의 영향

홍 성 택*, 박 진 용*,**,†
*한림대학교 환경생명공학과, **한림대학교 에너지⋅환경연구소

Effect of pH, Saturated Oxygen, and Back-flushing Media in Hybrid Water Treatment of Tubular Ceramic MF and Photocatalyst-loaded PES Beads

Jin Yong Park*,**,†, Sung Taek Hong*
*Dept. of Environmental Sciences & Biotechnology. Hallym University. Gangwon 200-702, Korea
**Institute of Energy & Environment, Hallym University, Gangwon 200-702, Korea
(Received March 26, 2014, Revised April 19, 2014, Accepted April 19, 2014)


The effects of pH, saturated oxygen, and back-flushing media were investigated in hybrid process of tubularceramic microfiltration and TiO2 photocatalyst-loaded PES (polyethersulfone) beads for advanced drinking water treatment,and compared results of water, nitrogen, or oxygen back-flushing in the viewpoints of membrane fouling resistance (Rf),permeate flux (J) and total treated water (VT). Rf decreased, and J and VT increased as decreasing pH. Turbidity treatmentefficiencies were similar at water or nitrogen back-flushing independent of pH, but DOM (dissolved organic matter) treatmentefficiency did not have a trend at water back-flushing. Rf at NBF (no back-flushing) with SO (saturated oxygen) wasthe lower than that at NBF without SO. Also, the DOM treatment efficiency at NBF with SO was the lower than that atNBF without SO. It happened because OH radicals produced by reaction of SO and photocatalyst could dilute with waterinside the module. The DOM treatment efficiency of gas back-flushing showed the larger than that of water back-flushing atback-flushig period 10 min. It proved that the adsorption or photo-oxidation of PES beads could be activated by the moreeffective bead-cleaning of gas back-flushing than water back-flushing.