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ISSN : 1226-0088(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7253(Online)
Membrane Journal Vol.24 No.2 pp.142-150

분리막 공정을 이용한 축산분뇨 처리장 액비의 고도처리

김 주 혜, 김 승 건, 이 호 원
제주대학교 생명화학공학과

Advanced Treatment of Liquid Fertilizer from Livestock Night Soil Treatment Facility by Membrane Separation Processes

Ho-Won Lee, Joo-Hye Kim, Seung-Geon Kim
Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Jeju National University
(Received March 31, 2014, Reivised April 19, 2014, Accepted April 22, 2014)


This paper is to develop the process suitable for the advanced treatment of liquid fertilizer from the livestocknight soil treatment facility (biogas plant). Nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) process was used, respectively, forthe advanced treatment of liquid fertilizer. And membrane bioreactor (MBR) with and without biomedia were tested, respectively,for the pretreatment. It was found that almost T-N of the liquid fertilizer was composed of ammoniacal nitrogen.Transmembrane pressure of MBR with biomedia increased slowly during the operation time, while that of MBR without biomediaincreased rapidly at the initial time. But there was no difference observed in the removal efficiencies of COD, T-N,and T-P irrespective of the dosage of biomedia. When the liquid fertilizer was pretreated by MBR with biomedia, the removalefficiencies of COD, T-N, and T-P were 99.8, 86.5%, and 99.8% by NF, and 99.9, 86.8%, and 99.8% by RO,respectively. Compared with the effluent quality standards of the livestock night soil treatment facility, the water quality treatedby MBR and NF/RO process met the standard for COD and T-P, but exceeded the permitted standard for T-N. In orderto meet the effluent quality standard for T-N, it is necessary to change the MBR operation cycle or to add the secondarytreatment by NF/RO.