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ISSN : 1226-0088(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7253(Online)
Membrane Journal Vol.23 No.6 pp.409-417

이산화탄소 분리를 위한 흡착투과막 및 공정 개발

염 충 균, 안 효 성, 강 경 록, 김 주 열, 한 진 수, 권 건 오

Development of Adsorptive Permeation Membrane (APM) and Process for Separation of CO₂ from gas mixtures

Choong Kyun Yeom , Hyo Sung Ahn, Kyeong Rok Kang, Joo Yul Kim, Jin Soo Han, Keun Oh Kwon
SepraTek Inc., Incheon 405-816 Korea
(Received August 20, 2013, Revised November 12, 2013, Accepted November 24, 2013)


Adsorptive permeation hollow fiber membrane (APM) has been developed for effectively separating CO2 fromgas mixture. Inside the APM, zeolite 13X particles were uniformly dispersed without covering their surfaces by a symmetricporous structure of polypropylene lattice. In this study, CO2/N2 mixture was used as a simulated gas mixture. Separation wasachieved by adsorbing CO2 on the zeolite particles in the APM and then permeating N2 into permeate side in passing all thefeed gas through the APM. Adsorptive permeation tests were carried out with a set of APM modules, and the adsorptivepermeation performances of the modules were analyzed from the test results. After saturation of the adsorbent with CO2, theAPM was regenerated by desorption of CO2 from it through vacuuming both inside of outside of the APM hollow fiber,and the regeneration process of the APM by vacuuming was discussed in terms of regeneration efficiency and energyconsumption.