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ISSN : 1226-0088(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7253(Online)
Membrane Journal Vol.23 No.5 pp.384-391

Flaring 가스의 CO2 분리를 위한 분리막 공정 기술개발

김 세 종, 김 학 은*, 조 원 준**, 하 성 용
㈜에어레인, *한국가스기술공사, *한국가스공사 DME 기술센터

Membrane Process Development for CO₂ Separation of Flaring Gas

Seong Yong Ha, Se Jong Kim, Hack Eun Kim*, Won Jun Cho**
Airrane Co., Ltd., Daejeon, 305-805, Korea
*Korea Gas Technology Corporation, Daejeon, 305-506, Korea
**DME Technology Center, Korea Gas Corporation, Incheon, 406-840, Korea
(Received August 1, 2013, Revised August 29, 2013, Accepted October 7, 2013)


We prepared composite membrane which was made with polysulfone supported hollow fiber membrane coatedwith Hyflon AD to eliminate CO2 gas from mixed-gases which were generated in DME manufacturing processes. The performanceof module about simulated flaring gas was measured by using manufactured composite membrane. 1-stage evaluationresult shows CO2 concentration was below 3% at 1.2 MPa and at Stage cut 0.24 above. In addition CO2 removal rateand CH4 recovery rate was 80% respectively at the same condition. 2-stage evaluation result shows, when the CO2 concentrationof product gas was fixed at 5%, recycled CO2 at stage cut 0.074 had the same concentration as the feed gas and therecovery rate of CH4 was 99% at the moment.


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