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ISSN : 1226-0088(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7253(Online)
Membrane Journal Vol.23 No.4 pp.257-266

고온 고압용 상업적 규모의 중공사 투과증발 막시스템 개발

염 충 균, 강 경 록, 김 주 열, 안 효 성, 권 건 오

Development of Commercial-scaled Pervaporation Hollow Fiber Membrane System for High Pressure and High Temperature Applications

Choong Kyun Yeom, Kyeong Log Kang, Joo Yeol Kim, Hyo Sung Ahn, and Konho Kwon
SepraTek Inc., Incheon 405-816, Korea
(Received June 13, 2013, Revised August 1, 2013, Accepted August 13, 2013)


The main purpose of this study is to develop a commercial scale of pervaporative process equipped with hollowfiber membrane modules, being able to effectually purify organic solvent at high temperature well over its boiling pointunder high vapor pressure. Three constituent technologies have been developed; 1) to fabricate braid-reinforced hollow fibermembrane stable in high pressure and high temperature application, 2) to design and fabricate a commercial scale of hollowfiber membrane module, and 3) to design and fabricate a pilot scale of pervaporation equipment system. The developed hollowfiber membrane possesses a membrane performance superior to the membrane of Sulzer (Germany) which is themost-well known for pervaporation process, and the membrane module equips hollow fiber membranes of 4.6 m2and thepervaporation system can treat organic liquid at 200 L/h, which is based on the dehydration of 95 wt% isopropyl alcohol(IPA). Since the membrane module is designed to flow in and pass through the inside of individual hollow fiber membrane,not to involve both the formation of feed’s dead volume observed in flat-sheet membrane module and the channeling offeed occurring inside hollow fiber bundle which lower membrane performance seriously, it showed excellent separationefficiency. In particular, the module is inexpensive and has less heat loss into its surrounding, in compared with flat-sheetmembrane module. In addition, permeant can be removed effectively from the outer surface of hollow fiber membrane becausethe applied vacuum is conveyed uniformly through space between fibers into respective fiber, even into one in themiddle of the hollow fiber bundle in which the space between fibers is uniform in distance. Since the hollow fiber membranepervaporation system is the first one ever developed in the world, our own unique proprietary technology can be secured,preoccupying technical superiority in export competitive challenges.